Homestay in Orlando, Florida

Homestay International provides volunteer host families, English instruction, and great sightseeing in the Orlando, Florida area, for Japanese students.  We specialize in programs for Japanese students/young adults (usually ages 18 ~ 22).  We offer three to four week homestay programs in August, December-January, and March. One great feature of our programs is that we invite Americans to join the Japanese students on outings so that they can make friends with Americans their own age.  All of our host families are volunteer Christian families who come recommended by solid Protestant Christian churches.

If you are a Japanese person interested in studying English, and doing a homestay in Orlando, Florida with a volunteer host family, please contact us.  We've been doing homestay programs for Japanese students since 1990.  If you are an English school in Japan looking for a high quality homestay program for your students, please contact us. We have a high rate of returnees, which shows that participants really like all that Homestay International has to offer.

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*Note: The Japanese equivalent of this site is given priority for updates.  Therefore the Japanese version takes precedence over this English version should there be any discrepancies between the Japanese version and this version.

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