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Make friends in America

Homestay in America

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  • Homestay International has been offering group programs for Japanese high school and college students since 1993. We have three Homestay-in-America programs a year during the Japanese students' winter, spring and summer break. 

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Faith's selfie with group on beach March

Why Homestay?
In order to truly understand American culture, it is important to experience the lives of the people who live there. Even if you come to the U.S. to study abroad, you will only spend time with other international students in school dorms or apartments and will not have much interaction with the local people. Homestay is a special environment that fosters intercultural contact and allows for meaningful interaction even in a short period of time.

Why a homestay program as opposed to individual stays?

There are many different types of homestays. In Orlando, you cannot go anywhere without a car so a homestay program that simply allows you to stay in a home all day would place all the responsibility and financial burden on the host family. Our homestay program is designed to take that burden off the host family by organizing a daytime program that includes classes and sightseeing so that the relationship between the family and the student would not be strained and both parties would have the best time.


Differences between Homestay-in-America Program and a Language Study Abroad

Language study programs are focused on academics, so you will be busy with daily classes and homework. There are also very few opportunities to have meaningful conversations with native students. Our Homestay-in-America classes are designed to teach you practical English conversation skills that will help you communicate with your host family. On our Homestay-in-America program you will be able to use the skills you learn in the English class on the same day with your host family. The program also has a 4-nights 5-days beach English camp with local American students of the same age, providing an experience that cannot be found in any language school programs.

Unique features of Homestay-in-America program


100% volunteer host families


Over 100 hours of English conversation time with American students (spring and summer program) on top of regular English classes offered during the program


All day excursion trips with American students include Walt Disney World and Universal Studio theme parks


All the activities and theme park tickets are included in a very affordable package price


Program staffs are bilingual and are with the students the entire duration of the program for support and guidance


English classes are small with 5 to 7 students per teacher


The Japanese students will enjoy the warm and tropical climate as well as all the exciting things Orlando(FL) offers as one of the popular vacation destination in the world.

Homestay-in-America is a short-term homestay program that includes experiences of American culture in the home of a volunteer host family, English classes, sightseeing at Disney World and Universal Studios with American students, activities, and English conversation practice through a beach English camp. Homestay International is a non-profit organization that has been providing homestay study abroad programs to Japanese students (ages 16-26) since 1993. 

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