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Homestay in Orlando, Florida

Homestay International Referral Program



Homestay International has been providing quality homestay programs for Japanese high school and college students for over 25 years since 1993 and is based in Orlando, Florida and Osaka, Japan. We have alumni all over Japan including part time staff in Osaka and Tokyo. Homestay International is a part of Mission To Japan, a non-profit organization located in Orlando, Florida (USA) where our homestay programs take place. 


Job Description: Recommend Homestay International’s homestay programs to Japanese high school and college students in return for commission when they join. 


Summary of the Referral Program

Simply recommend our homestay programs to Japanese high school and college students. Whenever a student joins a homestay program because of your referral, you’ll get paid 5% commission of the program fee. For example, our typical spring and summer program fee is 300,000 yen (2018) for participants, so the commission would be 15,000 yen. You would be an independent representative and not an employee. 


To learn more, please go to

Below, one of the churches where we hold English classes (Northland Church). 

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